FAQ / Help  »    Rule for Purchasing Books

Do not forget to write in each letter and order your name & full address, place, post office, pin code, district nearest railway station, name of your bank and address in clear words.

Except university / College / Government public libraries / facility of for will be given only in finding advance money / on ordering less than 5000 Rs. Facility of for will not be given.

Take delivery on reaching V.P.P. if then is any mistake write us after taking delivery mistake will be corrected.

The books will not be returned after sending books on order. Those books are not send understand them unavailable.

If you are not finding books or reply within 15 days understand that your order or letter we did not find so write other letter as soon as possible.

If your require another books except in given list then write us.

Only printed money on books will be acceptable(valid).

In any situation of disputation justice area will be Kanpur / case will be filed in Kanpur court. Our institution supplies the books in libraries only Hindi literature but also all the three facility of Science, art and commerce. So we are requesting you.

All the books are sent in cash or 25% order money sent in advance & rest 75% money through bank / V.P.P. (Note :- Except university / College / Government public libraries)

For facility will be given only when finding advance money above to 5000 Rs. Otherwise this facility is not available.

If you are not finding any books or any reply within 15 days then understand you order letter we did not find so please write us as soon as possible.

Publication will be sent V.P.P. only less 500 Rs. and order amount advance to we will send 500 Rs. Direct registered for This case you should pay in.